Gillespie Wins Grandparent Visitation and Custody Case in Missouri Court of Appeals

Larry Gillespie prevailed in the Missouri Court of Appeals, convincing the Court to allow a motion for visitation and custody by grandparents to proceed to trial.

On November 22, 2016, the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, held that the Appellants, Grandparents, stated a claim under Section 452.375.5, R.S.Mo., and had standing to bring a petition for visitation under that very same statute.

Criminal Code Revisions


Recently, the Missouri legislature voted in favor of significant revisions to Missouri’s criminal code.  Beginning on January 1, 2017, these changes come into effect as law.


On Wednesday, July 13, 2016, Governor Jay Nixon signed Senate Bill 588. That bill allows for a person to petition the court in which that individual was found guilty of a criminal offense to expunge records relating to that offense.

As you may already know, an arrest, plea, trial, or conviction on your record may inhibit you from applying for


             Mechanic’s liens, regrettably, are necessary to protect contractors, materialmen and subcontractors from non-payment. However, in certain circumstances a mechanic’s lien can be a severe penalty to property owners, when they can be forced to pay for labor and materials twice. The mechanic’s lien statutes are necessitated by general contractors and property owner’s failure to

Gillespie Wins Relocation Case in Supreme Court

Larry Gillespie prevailed in the Missouri Supreme Court, convincing the Court to affirm the trial court in a relocation and custody case, despite the reversal by the Court of Appeals, Eastern District.


Have you actually read the terms of your customer contract lately? If yours is like many businesses, the terms of your contract do not reflect your actual practice or business custom.


Laird Hetlage served on a Committee to review concerns regarding the openness of municipal courts in St. Louis County.

 Laird Hetlage obtained a Judgment for a mechanic's lien against a developer and owner of a condominium project in W. James Taylor v. Adler Lofts, et. Al.

      Larry Gillespie argued a matter before the Missouri Supreme Court concerning whether a judge can make a parent move from another state to live in one of three (3) Missouri counties. Two other states, Washington and Montana, have decided that courts can’t requires parents to move from one state to another in a custody case.

On April 26, 2011, the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, issued its Opinion in the case before transferring to the Missouri Supreme Court.

On October 25, 2011, the Missouri Supreme Court, Eastern District, issued its Opinion in the case. 


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