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We provide effective representation in all areas of family law, including divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, child support enforcement, modifications, relocations, premarital and post-marital agreements, paternity, property division, business valuation, grandparent visitation, adoption, child abuse, adult abuse, domestic violence, contempt, enforcement, family access motions, mediation and domestic appeals. Larry Gillespie has succeeded in perfecting numerous appeals in all of the appellate districts of Missouri and the Supreme Court of Missouri.


Most individuals entering domestic litigation are overwhelmed by emotions, fear of the unknown and the daunting process ahead of them. Admittedly, the process is trying, complicated, and sometimes contentious. Select an attorney with whom you are comfortable. The choice of a lawyer, who is qualified, practical and compassionate, can minimize the anxiety of the domestic litigation. Property division within the divorce process can be a complex matter, especially where couples have acquired a substantial amount of assets or assets of significant worth.


Custody disputes are complicated and contentious. Because parents are emotional and concerned, when facing custody litigation, they are vulnerable to promises of success. Potential litigants should interview more than one lawyer, and select an attorney who is practical and with whom they are comfortable. Parents should beware of promises of success that seem too good to be true, as well as excessive retainer demands. The best interests of the child is the standard for determining custody and an experienced attorney can best present the options for your family. A Parenting Plan will set forth the custody time for you and your children, it is important document and should be unique to your family situation. Both Sharon Remis and Larry Gillespie are seasoned attorneys representing parents and have many years of experience representing children as Guardian ad Litems.

Child Support

In Missouri, both parents owe a duty of support to their children. (§452.340 R.S.Mo.) Where a child support determination is to be made, the court may order either or both parents to pay a reasonable amount for the support the child. The support calculation is based on a numeric formula, which includes several factors; including, but not limited to, the financial resources of the parents.


Adoption is perhaps the most rewarding facet of family law. Adoption is a surprisingly intricate process. In order to provide significant due process rights to the natural parent or parents of a child, the court requires scrupulous documentation regarding the adoptive parents and the natural parents. (§453.010 et seq. R.S.Mo.) The court will appoint an attorney for the child, known as a Guardian Ad Litem. Our attorneys are experienced in navigating the procedural hurdles to adoption, whether a step-parent adoption or two-parent adoption.


Sometimes after trial, one party is dissatisfied with the outcome of a domestic proceeding and seeks to appeal the judgment therein. Appeals from a trial court judgment are based solely upon the record introduced at the trial court. In order to be successful, an appellant must demonstrate that the trial judge made an error in the judgment or the trial. The court of appeals grants substantial deference to the trial judge. Lawrence Gillespie has been successful in representing clients in numerous domestic appeals involving a variety of issues. Mr. Gillespie has handled some of the most significant appellate domestic decisions in the last ten years.

Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to provide superior, practical and cost-effective domestic representation. We understand the complex nature of divorce and all domestic matters. We pay careful attention to the individual needs of our clients and guide them through each step of the process. Clients seeking experienced and effective attorneys to navigate the waters of family disputes select Gillespie, Hetlage & Coughlin, L.L.C.

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